Library news

All classes in the school have now been oriented to the library and have taken out their first books of the year. The library will start its before and after school opening hours on Tuesday, October 4. The times will be:

Tuesday to Friday 8:40 AM to 9:00 AM
3:00 PM to 3:25 PM

Occasionally I might need to leave school earlier, but those are rare days.

Yellow School House

Yellow School House

What’s Happening with the Yellow School House?

As of April 2017, the Vancouver School Board has rejected four proposals to use the Gordon outbuilding, also known as the Yellow School House, which was to have been demolished in spring 2016. Dianne Turner, the Vancouver Board of Education official trustee, attended our March 6 PAC meeting, and said she had met with heritage representatives and had agreed to allow a not-for-profit arts organization until the middle of May 2017 to make a new proposal to use the outbuilding.

The PAC executive has written several times to VSB to express our belief that the outbuilding or the space it occupies should be used to benefit the Gordon community, and that VSB has a duty to inform and consult with the Gordon community before committing to any particular usage, so that parents can express their views. After nearly four years, in the absence of an acceptable proposal to use the outbuilding, we are in favour of demolition and construction of more playground and green space. We collected 120 written signatures on our petition to that effect and delivered it to VSB, but are now waiting to evaluate the new proposal. If you are the parent of a Gordon student, you can let the PAC executive know your views by writing respectfully to gordonpac [at] ymail [dot] com (note: ymail not gmail).

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