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Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 3:15pm - 5:30pm
Bussing Message from Administration for Sept 24

Message for all parents:

September 24th
Dear Gordon parents and guardians,

Our students were so well-behaved on the bus yesterday, thanking the drivers and lining up nicely at both sites. We were all very impressed by their behaviour!

We had a few hiccups however and we are now making some changes to how we name the afternoon buses so that it's easier for the kids to remember which bus they are on.


Kindergarden GROUPINGS Sept 24, 2014

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School Newletter
Friday, October 10, 2014

If you would like to put something in our newsletter please send it to Margaret Davidson (mdavidson@vsb.bc.ca) or Heidi Leung (haleung@vsb.bc.ca)

BUS/LUNCH UPDATE for September 23, 2014 from Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Thank you to everyone for being patient while we are working out the kinks in the bussing schedules.

Thank you for emailing Heidi to let us know if there are changes in your child’s use of the bus service.

Please continue to let Heidi know at 604-713-5403 or send her a quick email at haleung@vsb.bc.ca.

Nancy and our support workers are manning the bus at the main school while Margaret and our support workers are supervising the annex. Chris Atkinson has been supervising the students in the mornings for the first week.

Some changes on both sites:

  • Busses know they need to arrive at the Gordon pick up spot earlier in the morning to take into consideration the boarding of the bus. At the morning bus there is no attendance. This will occur when the students arrive at the site.

Main School Site:

  • After school there will be 2 busses at 2:55. Students may get on either bus as long as they ensure their name is checked off by Nancy or a support worker. (We will go over this with all the students in their classrooms) We are working with JKC so we have a list of their students so they don’t get on the bus by mistake.
  • Teachers or support workers will take the Grade 2’s and 3’s to the bus pick up after school.

Annex Site:

  • After school students will line up in their classrooms in two lines (one for JKC and one for Bus travelers). One support worker will take the JKC students to the Music Room and one support worker will take the bus students to the library where they will be supervised until the bus arrives. Other students will remain in their classrooms until their parents pick them up.


Main School Site:

  • Students are eating lunch in their classrooms and we are asking that they take all their garbage and leftovers home with them so that we don’t have a problem with rodents.
  • Students will be able to eat lunch outside on good weather days.

Annex Site:

  • Students in the annex eat lunch in the activity room and then go outside to play. As the area of the playground is large for one supervision aide, Ms. Davidson and the support workers will be supervising until we can get more lunch tables and all the annex students can eat together and play together. There will then be 3 supervision aides and support workers.

Margaret Davidson

Gordon Parent Brochure - UPDATE 1 Sept 18.pdf

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Kindergarten Gradual Entry - General Gordon Elementary School at the Annex

4275 Crown Street
Vancouver, V6S 2K3
TEL: (604) 713-5482 FAX: (604) 713-5484


We Are Back! Follow-up Communications to Families at Gordon For Sept 23 to 28

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PAC this year is directly emailing parents and guardians using email information derived from Class Rep lists and some other sources. We unfortunately do not have access to the email address you provided to the school, so we rely on you to provide the information directly to PAC.

If you did not receive a "September is Coming" welcome email for PAC on August 28th or two emails about bussing we a) may not have correct contact information for you or b) your email system has blocked the message.

Please simply send us an email with you child/children's names to gordon_elementary_PAC@shaw.ca and you will be added to the distribution. Sorry for the "manual" process, but the Gordon web site is being worked on right now.


First PAC meeting at BAYVIEW school (with childcare)
Monday, September 29, 2014 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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