2014 11 20 Issue #05

This the fifth bi-weekly newsletter!


  1. The Gordon Gazette (A message from the Principal Margaret Davidson)
  2. Message from PAC the Parent Advisory Council

Don't forget PAC Fundraising

Gordon Gazette

2014 November 20, Newsletter #05

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Calendar Reminders

Monday Nov. 24 Retakes (Photos)
Monday Nov. 24 Divisions 1, 2, 5, 6 to Camp
Wednesday Nov. 26 Coffee Morning at the Annex in the gym at 9:00am
Thursday Nov. 27 Divisions 1, 2, 5, 6 return back to Gordon
Friday Nov. 28 Professional Day
Thursday Dec. 4 Winter Concert at the Main-see times below
Thursday Dec. 4 Craft and Bake Sale 3:00-4:30pm



Please join us for one of our Winter Concerts for Grades 2-7 on the following Dates and Times. The Kindergarten and Grade 1’s will not be participating but will be doing a joint event interschool with the Queen Elizabeth Annex children.

  • Division 12 students will only be performing on Wednesday, December 3rd at 1:30pm. Parents are invited to this performance.
Dress Rehearsal Times – Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014
9:30 am Show “A” Division 1, 3 & 5
11:00am Show “B” Division 2, 4 & 6
1:30 pm Show “C” Division 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
Concert Times – Thursday, December 4, 2014
9:30 am Show “A” Division 1, 3 & 5
11:00am Show “B” Division 2, 4 & 6
1:30 pm Show “C” Division 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



Margaret will be putting a sign-up sheet for students to participate in the “Craft Sale” on Thursday, December 4th from 3:00-4:30pm. PAC will also be hosting a bake sale.


Please come and join the QEA parents for coffee and a treat on Wednesday, Nov. 26 in the gym at 9:00am.


We are happy to have Sujaree Karunyasopon who works for our school community team offer Arts and Crafts to our Grades 1 & 2 students on Wednesdays at lunch. Students will bring their lunch to the music room. We welcome parent volunteers as it seems we have many keen students who are interested.


The VBE has been given approval by MoE to begin the demolition phase of the GG project. The construction contractor has begun to erect fencing and hoarding on the site and to complete City requirements for preparations for demolition. The first phase of demolition is hazardous materials abatement, which will take approximately 3 weeks. The full demolition is expected to take approximately 13 weeks. At this point we expect the building shell to begin to be taken down early in the new year. These timelines are general as unexpected issues may arise once work is underway.

The VBE is still waiting for funding approval from the MoE for the construction phase of the replacement building, which we expect to secure before year end. Our target date for completion is September 2016. The contractor will continue to provide updates as work progresses on their ability to meet this completion date.


The portable with the rodent infestation has been diligently dealt with at the board level. They opened and cleaned all floor and wall spaces. They have capped the drain leading to the crawl space and have sealed all wall openings with expandable foam. The pest control team has coated all surfaces with a disinfectant fog. They have laid down traps and regularly come to check on them.


Gordon staff and administration would like to thank the PAC for umbrellas, mats, walkie talkies, and boot racks. This has helped them with tackling the wet weather.


Please be conscious of the parking areas around Queen Elizabeth Main and Annex. There are several no parking areas marked off by orange cones. Also on 16th Avenue & Crown Street you need to make sure you leave enough room for the buses to allow them pull in and out. If you have any questions about where to park please call the school at 604-713-5403.


Intensive French (IF) is a two year second language teaching approach beginning in Gr 6 in which French is taught intensively for most of the day during five months in Grade 6. The students in the program receive about 80% of their instructional day learning French during the first half of the year and 20% during the second half. The rest of the curriculum (except for Mathematics) is “compressed” into the second half of the year. Classroom activities are related to projects and there is a high degree of interaction between teacher and students, as well as among students. Emphasis is put on oral language and interaction between students. For more information on this program /Open House - please go to the VSB website under Registration select Intensive French: Gr 6&7 (www.vsb.bc.ca/programs/intensive-french-grade-6-and-7). The Intensive French program is offered in three schools, Brock, Franklin and Fleming, and is open to all students in the District. Please contact the school if you have further questions.

Brock Fleming Franklin
4860 Main St. 1401 East 49th Avenue 250 S. Skeena Street
Angela Hughes, Principal, Liz Kloepper, Principal, Debra Nothstein,
604-713-5245 604-713-4793 604-713-4709
Information night Information night Information night
January 14th -- 7:00 pm January 14th -- 7:00 pm January 13th -- 7:00 pm



SpArts and Leaders Information Night (Magee Secondary School) will be held on Monday, November 24th at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm, respectively. To note, this information night was NOT included on the DSAP information calendar that was earlier distributed (the date has now been added onto the calendar). We have had many quires at our office and are trying to clarify communication. Meeting Poster


Is your grade 7 child interested in going to a mini or specialty school program next year? Have you already registered them for the Cognitive Skills Test? If not, the deadline is Nov. 30, 2014 and the test takes place on Dec. 4, 2014. Please check out www.vsb.bc.ca for more information.




www.gordonelementary.ca yet? Are you in the loop? Stay connected with General Gordon activities by frequent visits to the website.

NEXT PAC MEETING = Monday, Nov 24, 7 pm Bayview School Library

Advocating for your Child. Counsellor Ornella Svalestuen will present strategies for parents to effectively communicate with their child’s teacher(s). The workshop focuses on how to have a difficult conversation with your child’s teacher while maintaining a respectful relationship between the family and the school.

PAC BAKE SALE & COFFEE STAND, Dec. 4, 3 – 4:30 p.m., same time as student Craft Sale.


Parents are requested to contribute baked goods to our seasonal Bake Sale Please bring goodies to the Office in the QE Portables on the day of the concerts. More parent volunteers are needed: if you can help, please email gordonpac@ymail.com or call Jane at 604.732.1374

PARENT COFFEE MORNING- Friday, Dec 12th, 8-9 a.m., at the Bus Stop at 6th and Bayswater

The first two coffee mornings were lots of fun. Stop by this time to enjoy some seasonal cheer! Rain, shine or snow, you’ll start your day off well ☺ Please try to bring your own mug.


Poinsettia Fundraiser time again! Profits from this year's sales will go towards the new Gordon playground. A poinsettia order today will help Gordon kids of tomorrow have a great place to play!

We have premium 6.5" poinsettias in three traditional colours — red, pink or white — for $12 each. Invite your families, friends, and neighbours to order from Gordon too! Know someone with a local business? Perhaps they can decorate for the holidays with poinsettias from Gordon PAC too -- please spread the word! And make sure you submit your student's name with every order -- the student with the highest number of plant orders will be entered into a draw for some cool prizes from our supplier (such as Kobo Touch e-readers or a Nintendo Wii mini game console)!

This year we also offer a special holiday tropical planter which includes 4 different tropical plants, for $30.

Orders can be placed online at: http://generalgordon.plants4nonprofit.com, or by email to bighugs@shaw.ca. Cheques (made out to "General Gordon PAC") or cash payments can be dropped off in the specially marked box in the school office. We will require your payment before the order deadline to secure your order. (Note: the online order form will accept credit card payments with PAYPAL.)

Order deadline is NOVEMBER 27TH. Your poinsettia(s) will arrive at the school on December 4th and will be ready for pick up during the winter concert. We can make special arrangements for delivery for large orders -- please contact Carmen at bighugs@shaw.ca for more information.


Did you know that the Big Brother's donation bin on Bayswater next to General Gordon School raises over $100/month for General Gordon PAC?

If you are clearing out at home, please drop off your donations when you are dropping off your child at the bus. Tell your friends, family and neighbours about this easy way to support our school activities. We receive 10 cents per pound, so bring your hardcover books and cast iron frying pans! All items must be clean, in good repair, suitable for resale, and must fit inside the box. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE BOX

Acceptable items for donation: Clothing for men, women and children; Accessories (belts, hats, scarves); Purses, wallets, backpacks and bags; Shoes and boots; Towels, tablecloths, curtains and linens; Under garments, nylons and socks; Blankets, bedding and pillows; Housewares (dishes, cutlery, pots); Toys, books, games and video games; Videos, records, CD's and DVD's; Small Tools; Small appliances

Link to list of items that are not acceptable:



Mount Pleasant Elementary School at 2300 Guelph Street, Vancouver – is holding their Craft Fair on December 13, 2014 from 11am – 3pm They are looking for vendors. Vendor tables cost $25. If you want to participate please contact jdexelpoitras@gmail.com or you are welcome just to attend the event as well.