2015 11 06 Issue #05

This the Fifth bi-weekly newsletter of the 2015/16!

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Newsletter Contents:

  1. The Gordon Gazette (A message from the Principal Margaret Davidson)
  2. PAC News

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Gordon Gazette

November 96 2015, Newsletter #05

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Calendar Reminders

Monday Nov. 9 Make up Photo Day
Tuesday Nov. 10 Remembrance Day Assembly TBA
Wednesday Nov. 11 Rembrance Day (school is not in session)
Friday Nov. 13 Bus Stop Coffee Morning
Thursday Nov. 19 Kindergarten Hearing Test
Monday Nov. 23 PIE Coffee Morning
Friday Nov. 27 Professional Day (school is not in session)
Friday Dec 4 Celebration of Learning (Main school) 9-10:15am
Thursday Dec. 10 Winter Concert – (morning & afternoon) Main Only
Thursday Dec. 10 Craft Fair in the auditorium 3:00-4:30pm
Thursday Dec. 16 Report Cards go home
Monday Dec. 17 Loonie Sale in the auditorium




“The core competencies along with literacy and numeracy foundations and essential content and concepts are at the centre of the redesign of curriculum and assessment. Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep learning and life-long learning. Through provincial consultation, three core competencies were identified"

  • Communication -The communication competency encompasses the set of abilities that students use to impart and exchange information, experiences and ideas, to explore the world around them, and to understand and effectively engage in the use of digital media.
  • Thinking - The thinking competency encompasses the knowledge, skills and processes we associate with intellectual development. It is through their competency as thinkers that students take subject-specific concepts and content and transform them into a new understanding. Thinking competence includes specific thinking skills as well as habits of mind, and metacognitive awareness.
  • Personal and Social - Personal and social competency is the set of abilities that relate to students' identity in the world, both as individuals and as members of their community and society. Personal and social competency encompasses the abilities students need to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world.” BCED Plan 2015 Ministry of Education.


If you have a child in Grade 5 and are interested in a Late Immersion Program, General Gordon will be hosting an information meeting on Wednesday, January 13 from 7:00-8:00pm in the auditorium at Queen Elizabeth School. This is a great learning opportunity that promises intellectual challenge and fun learning a new language. For more information you can visit the following website www.vsb.bc.ca. You can also get the application online by going to the following website: https://www.vsb.bc.ca/sites/default/files/Gr1-7-Application2013.pdf.

Registration started on November 2nd and go until the end of January. It is not a first come, first serve basis but all registrations will be collected along with a written letter by the student which includes their reasons for wanting to participate in a Late Immersion program. A copy of their first grade 5 report card can be sent to the school after December. At General Gordon we have 60 spaces for Grade 6 students. If we have more applications there will be a draw in the beginning of February.

NOTE: We will be staying at the portables at the Queen Elizabeth site at 4102 West 16th Avenue until our new school is ready. Move in date TBA but planned for Fall 2016.


Do you have a child who is turning 5 in 2016? Now is the time to register them for Kindergarten! Registration opens on Nov. 2, 2015 and goes to Jan. 29, 2016. It is not a first come first served basis, but registration must be done in person at the Portable Main site. You must register at your English Catchment school PRIOR to registering for a choice program i.e. French Immersion.

Please bring with you the following: The child’s birth certificate, a proof of address – Purchase agreement or a property tax statement is preferred. If you are renting please ensure you bring not only your rental agreement but 1 other piece of ID showing your address. This can include, utility bills, gov’t issued documents or your driver’s license. We cannot just accept the rental agreement as proof this year. Also, please bring a copy of the child’s immunization records since birth, and immigration papers if applicable. For more information on Kindergarten registration please visit: http://www.vsb.bc.ca/kindergarten

If you know of any other families in our catchment that don’t have children at Gordon please make sure they know this information. We are anticipating it will be a very full school when we move into our new building in the Fall of 2016. Thus, we cannot accept anyone who is cross boundary this year.


Retakes are happening on Nov. 9 – Starting at 9am at the Annex and then at 11am at the Main school. Please have your packages with you with payment if you are want re-takes. The children give the package directly to the photographer. If you have were not here on the original date you just have to attend.


If your child does not know your home or cell phone numbers by heart please write it in a private place in the agenda. Then they will know where to find it if they need to get hold of you.


The new monthly cycle (November and December) hot lunches are now posted on my website www.cestmoncafe.com please take a minute to read the Contact US and Q&A sections. Please make sure you check with your children about what they would like to eat and then remember to place your monthly orders by the order deadline.

I apologize if any children were missed out for lunch on the order lists. I try my best to make sure everyone is caught and everyone gets a good lunch. Some ways you can help me is to remember to not order at the very last minute if possible and be aware of the multitudes of revisions, cancellations and special requests that I have to process. I am thankful for the schools for keeping my service and grateful for your patronage. Eric Sing


Retakes are happening on Nov. 9 – Starting at 9am at the Annex and then at 11am at the Main school. Please have your packages with you with payment if you are want re-takes. The children give the package directly to the photographer. If you have were not here on the original date you just have to attend.



At the Annex, students go outside for lunch and recess, rain or shine! It’s a great way to stay active and increases alertness in the afternoon. Please send your child with boots, rain gear and umbrella on rainy days. Feel free to leave such supplies labelled in your child’ classroom instead of carrying it daily. We have an undercover area and students will be asked to stay in the undercover area if they are not dressed properly for the weather.


We have a mountain of unidentified clothing at the Annex in our lost in found (near the French library.) Please come by regularly to pick up your child’s clothing. All unclaimed items are sent to the Salvation Army in late December and late June.

We strongly recommend that you label all the following:

➢ jackets
➢ hoodies
➢ lunch boxes
➢ water bottles



We have 3 volleyball teams at Gordon this year. Thanks to coaches Miles Patrick, Margaret Davidson and parents Myla Burke and Peter Rossing we have a junior girls, junior boys and senior girls’ teams.


Our Senior Girls Soccer team went to the Vancouver City Finals and came in second. They played fantastic and we are very proud of them. Thanks to all the parents that coached.


We will be selling pizza slices every Friday which will be available for all students (main school only). It is a fundraising effort for the Grade 7's Quebec trip. We will sell until we run out - hopefully we will have enough pizza for everyone, but we don't know how popular it will be, so please pack food with your child so no one goes hungry.
There are no order forms, cash only. $3 one slice. $5 for two. Plain cheese pizza and pepperoni.


On Thursday December 17th, the students in Grade 7 LFI will be holding a “loonie sale” where students can come in and buy their parents, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers holiday gifts (for just a loonie each!). They will be gift wrapped to bring home. Please clean out your homes and donate any new or gently used gifts. Please don’t bring stuffies or clothing. Some suggestions would be books, toys, cd’s, DVD’s, candles, jewelry, soaps and toiletries, sports and fashion accessories, decorative items, etc. Please drop your items at one of these two locations by Dec 16th:

  • Gordon Elementary Main school portables: Classroom # 401. (Check in with the office first)
  • Ingrid's house: Front porch at 2890 West 7th Avenue (at MacDonald).

Parents of grade 7 French Immersion students are needed to help set up and run the event, on Dec 16th and 17th. Please sign up at this doodle poll, with your name and email: http://doodle.com/poll/73p28iipa98fb9ip

We also need a couple of parents to collect gift wrap and tape, as we will be using a lot of it! Please email Ingrid if you can do this. Thank you. Questions? Contact Ingrid at isulston@gmail.com


Come and join the Main school for a chance to see what the children in your class are showcasing. It will be happening on Friday, Dec. 4 from 9-10:15am in an open house format. We hope you can join us.


Do you have a Gr. 7 student who is interested in going to a Mini School in September 2016? If so, please take note of the following important dates: Deadline for Registration for the exam is Nov. 15, 2015 – No Exceptions.

Go to https://www.vsb.bc.ca/programs/min-school-registration to sign up from Nov. 7 - 15, 2015 ONLY.

Children can come to the Gordon office and ask Ms. Heidi for their PEN if they do not have it. It can only be given to them personally or via an email from the parent. I cannot for privacy give this to you verbally over the phone. The Assessment date is Nov. 26, 2015 for those that have registered online. If you miss the registration deadline you will not be able to take the assessment test.


We now have 2 Grade 7 students that are helping with the chess club which is on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch. If you have extra chess sets at your home you would like to donate please bring them to the main office. Thank you.


Madame Wardrop is sponsoring a drama club for Grade 7 students. Times TBA.


Students in Grades 2 & 3 who are interested in joining this club can come to portable #401 on Fridays at lunch. We have some grade 4 & 5 girls who are hosting this club.


Ms. Davidson is hosting an art club with guest appearances from artists Saige MacKenzie, Ms. Rassias and Ms. Parr. We meet every Tuesday at lunch in portable #401. If you are an artist and would like to share your passion please contact Ms. Davidson at mdavidson@vsb.bc.ca.


Every two months we will be going through the Lost and Found and donating the items to Big Brothers. The next pick up will be the end of November. If there is a parent that would like to volunteer to do this please let Ms. Davidson know at mdavidson@vsb.bc.ca. Also a simple way to get your items back is to LABEL them!



'The direct drive this year will be taking place between 16 October - 16 November. The PAC works hard to add value to the school to enrich your child (children’s) education, through purchasing new supplies, sports equipment, supporting cultural performances and enhancing technology. The PAC would appreciate donations from General Gordon School families, between $50 - $100. More information on the direct drive will be coming soon.'


Do you shop at Cobs Bakery at Broadway & MacDonald or 4th & Vine? Say you support General Gordon school and Cobs will donate 5% of your purchase to the Gordon Playground fund. Tell your friends, family and neighbours. More information at http://gordonelementary.ca/New_Playground_Fundraisers