2015 02 06 Issue #10

This the Tenth bi-weekly newsletter!


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Gordon Gazette

February 6 2015, Newsletter #10

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Calendar Reminders

Monday Feb. 9 Family Day (school is not in session)
Tuesday Feb. 10 Kindergarten Vision Screening 1pm
Thursday Feb. 12 Parent Social at Displace on 4th
Thursday Feb. 19 Professional Day (school is not in session)
Monday Feb. 23 Kindergartens Immunization (if required) @ Annex
Friday Feb. 27 Annex Concert
Saturday Feb. 28 Gordon Gardening Event at Annex
Wednesday March 4 Class photos/teams/clubs etc. (Main) AM
Wednesday March 4 Kindergarten Audiology 9am
Thursday March 5 Celebration of Learning
Friday March 6 Report cards to go home
Wednesday April 29 Class photos/teams/clubs etc. (Annex) PM




Reminder: ALL Students should have a spare change of clothes and a pair of spare shoes & socks in their classrooms. They are to wear the appropriate clothing for the weather especially on wet/cold days. These include: A good raincoat/winter coat with a hood, an umbrella, gumboots/snow boots, mittens and hats (for winter weather) and layers. Please send a bag with extra dry clothes, labelled with your child’s name and division to their classes so they will have something to change into if they get wet or dirty. This applies to ALL students from Grade K-7. Thank you.


One of our goals at Gordon is to encourage students to use technology responsibly. We are having some difficulty with some of the students taking pictures and videos of other students. I have been around to all of the classrooms to explain why this is inappropriate. The students seem to understand now that what is taken in pictures/videos if posted could possibly have negative ramifications for others. Students will keep their electronic devices in their backpacks, or handed in to teachers during the day. On Fridays only, students are allowed to use their electronics at recess and lunch to listen to music and/or play appropriate games. If students need to contact parents during the day, they can use the phone in the office


The Vancouver School Board has released DRAFT school calendars for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. DRAFT calendars can be viewed on the Vancouver School Board website at http://www.vsb.bc.ca/district-news/vsb-releases-draft-school-calendars-2... Public feedback and/or comment regarding 2015-16 and 2016-17 DRAFT calendars is welcome and can be sent to calendar@vsb.bc.ca. Please submit feedback and comments by March 2, 2015.


Yes, we are still accepting Kindergarten registrations! As of Monday, Feb. 2, 2015 registration will be open to Cross Boundary children as well. Anyone applying after that date (even if they have siblings at Gordon) will lose their in-catchment priority and will now just be put on the general list.

MUSIC UPDATE- NOTE-Change in times-Concert at 1:30pm/no dress rehearsal

We are planning a mini concert @ the annex for our K-Gr. 2 students on Friday, Feb. 27/15. Called “Dinostars”. There will not be a dress rehearsal due to the hot lunch program on that day. We will perform our concert @ 1:30 pm and we are inviting parents to join us. Please make this date or your calendar, and we’ll be sending further information house in the near future.


The City of Vancouver has changed the parking regulations on Crown Street in front of the Annex. There is now a “Three Minutes Only” and a “Bus only” section. Unfortunately the City has put the signs at the wrong place: the bus should be where the “Three Minutes” sign is as it is the safest place for loading children. The City has been notified and hopefully will rectify the situation soon. In the mean time we have had to put cones in the section where the bus must drop off and pick up students for their safety. Thank you for respecting the cones and we apologies for the inconvenience.

At QEA, students go outside for recess and lunch rain or shine! It is very important that students come to school dressed for the weather, as we do not want them to get sick. They should have a change of clothes in case they fall down and an umbrella for wet days.


PURDY’S CHOCOLATE HEARTS – On Tuesday, Feb. 10th chocolate hearts will be on sale at a booth at Queen Elizabeth School at lunch and after school, at Queen Elizabeth Annex at lunch, and at the General Gordon bus stop before and after school. The cost is $3 each. Buy chocolate hearts for your friends, workmates and family for Valentine’s Day.
WINE RAFFLE: Win a Crate of Wine! (One bottle worth $120) Tickets $10 each. Students will be selling tickets February 15th – March 5th. Raffle Draw March 6th.


  • Gordon at the Annex raised $285 for the Give a Bike campaign! We will be able to donate 5 bikes to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, and that will surely bring a smile to the faces of some needy kids in our community on Christmas morning. Many thanks to all of the families who contributed and especially to the parents who worked together with their children to help them earn their donations. The students were so proud to bring in money that they had worked for! That in itself is a great reward.
  • Div. 8 is raising salmon in our classroom. The 'eyed' eggs were delivered on the 21st of January and we expect them to start hatching to alevin on the 16th of February. We will be learning about their different stages of development, their life cycle and the importance of salmon to the First Nations People of BC. If any classes wish to come in and do an observation on a Thursday or Friday please see Mr. Patrick. If any Gordon families are around the portables any day after school, you are more than welcome to come in to portable 403 to have a look.
  • Division 10 performed the Music Expectation Rap song for Ms. Davidson. Taj was leading the rap today and all the students have a chance to lead the rap. We look forward to seeing them perform at an assembly.
  • Division 8 just completed a Wiki project with Mary Locke the teacher librarian. The students worked in groups to create their own virtual countries online. The main focus was on Geography, Government, People, Laws, and Currency.
  • Also, on Wednesday, January 21, Division 8 went to the Museum of Vancouver and participated in a workshop on Immigration.
  • Top Ten Reasons Why Division 9 likes independent learning:
    • “It makes me feel big and important that I can do it by myself.”
    • “I get to make my own choices and do things by myself.”
    • “I get to use the time I get appropriately and how I want to use it.”
    • “Your brain becomes bigger because you have to think of all the choices by yourself.”
    • “I like that if finish something I can just do more work on something else.”
    • “Your brain grows because you don’t just write things down; you do the research as well.”
    • “I don’t have to finish one thing at a specific time.”
    • “I don’t have to share a computer with someone so I get lots of time to research.”
    • “There’s nobody there to boss me around and tell me what to do and when to do it. Ms Cotton trusts us to use materials by ourselves.”
    • “If you have a partner you might have to fight about something small and you might lose your friendship.”

Division 15 is learning about penguins


PAC Fundraising: Shopping Cards

Do you shop at Safeway, IGA, Stongs, Choices, T&T, Superstore, Starbucks or iTunes? Order shopping cards from these and many other stores and make a donation to your child's school at the same time. Find the form at http://www.gordonelementary.ca/shopping_card

Next orders due Monday, February 16, with pick up at the Monday, February 23 PAC Meeting (or another time that works for both of us).

You can:

  1. hand me your order and cheque at the bus stop (I'll be in a bright coat) or
  2. leave in the PAC box in the Main School Office or
  3. leave in Margaret's box in the Annex Office

If you do not hand your order directly to me, please email me a list of what you want to buy so I can get the order started.

If you would like a free [empty] reloadable IGA card, please let me know.

I have Safeway cards for sale at the once a month Friday morning parent coffee time, at the PAC meetings, or any time in between upon request.

Questions? Contact Sheila sheilakirkby[at]gmail[dot]com or 604-739-4495 (h)


GENERAL GORDON HOT LUNCH at QE Main is starting on WEDNESDAY FEB 11, 2015.

Hot lunch Program will be offered on Wednesdays at QE main site in the lunch room. Place your orders now.

  • Check out the variety of menu items and order via paypal at http://www.cestmoncafe.com/ ( select General Gordon 2-7 at QE)
  • DEADLINE for ORDERS for February and March need to be placed by 7pm on February 9th, 2015. If you do miss the deadline you can still order by sending an email directly to the lunch provider Eric, at cestmoncafe@gmail.com but you will need to organize payment to him directly (by cheque or cash).
  • For every order Cest Mon Cafe will donate $1 to the P.A.C. for the new playground.
  • Hot Lunch at QE Annex will continue as arranged. For K-2's at the annexe please continue to order selecting the button - General Gordon @ QEA

Please contact Hot Lunch Coordinators - Vicky Stephens (vix_stephens@hotmail.com) or Denise Edwards (edenise@hotmail.com) if you have any questions or concerns, or would be able to help out on some Wednesdays.


HELP WANTED - Interested in a Bike-a-thon? Several parents are thinking about organizing a Bike-a-thon in May but we need at least 5 other parents to join the organizing team if this event can go ahead. If you are interested and able to contribute some of your time and enthusiasm to what could be a really great school community event, please email pikejane[at]telus.net by February 12.


In collaboration with the QE Gardening Team, General Gordon parents will be building 5 raised beds for the classes at the Annex. Everyone is welcome! Parents should dress appropriately and bring any good quality soil or compost they may have to contribute. Donations of trowels, watering jugs, gloves, seeds, herbs, good pollinating plants gladly accepted. Specific time and more details to follow.


Gordon PAC Social - Thursday, February 12, 7 p.m. at Displace (3293 West 4th Ave).

Advance tickets are $15 (burger and beverage) plus processing fee on Eventbrite Open link here or search Gordon PAC Social on www.eventbrite.ca for details. All adult members of the Gordon Elementary community are invited to join old and new friends for a fun evening at the pub. Don't miss out! There will be a raffle as well, so please bring some cash. The emphasis is on socializing but any funds raised will go towards the General Gordon playground reconstruction at the new school. Plan to be there - buy your tickets NOW!


JERICHO BASEBALL REGISTRATION IS OPEN! – Registration deadlines – Majors close Feb. 7 (Gr. 4-7), Minors close Feb. 21 (Gr. 1-3), TBall and Blastball close Feb. 28 (Preschool and Kindergarten). Online registration is available on the Jericho Baseball website: http://www.jerichobaseball.com/ Please refer to website for more details.

RED MITTEN WEEKEND – FEB. 7 – 9 – Celebrate Family Day weekend at the BC Sport Hall of Fame. Open 10am – 5pm. Kid’s wearing red mittens (12 and under) get FREE admission. Lots of fun family activities.


For parents/caregivers - Weird Wired World; What’s Going on for Teenagers Today and How We Can Support their Wellbeing is a free evening event. Parents/caregivers are invited to attend an evening event to hear from professionals and youth about how Anxiety, Hyper-sexualisation, Technology and Brain Development play a role in shaping the world of teens. Details: Free Light refreshments at 5:30 pm -Thursday February 19; 6 pm – 9:00 pm at Gladstone Secondary School (4105 Gladstone Street, Vancouver) Free child minding for toddlers and children (with prior registration arowley@vsb.bc.ca or 640-374-1593).

Parents/caregivers register https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/weird-wired-world-conference-tickets-6715372861 or by contacting me. Alison Rowley Project Coordinator Engaging Youth for Safer Communities (EYSC), Vancouver School District Cell: 604.374.1593 Email: arowley@vsb.bc.ca


Winter Wander @ Vanier Park. Experience the following attractions for only $5 on Sat. Feb. 7 from 10am – 5pm. Vancouver Maritime Museum, Museum of Vancouver, Space Centre, Vancouver Academy of Music, Bard on the Beach and Vancouver Archives. For more info contact www.winterwander.com

YMCA’S OPEN FOR FREE ON FAMILY DAY – All YMCA’s in Vancouver are opening their doors from Feb. 9 between 10am – 2pm to the public for free. Please take the opportunity to enjoy all they have to offer.