Gordon Gazette 2016 09 09 Issue 1

This the First bi-weekly newsletter of the 2016/17 School Year

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Newsletter Contents:

  1. The Gordon Gazette (A message from the Principal Margaret Davidson)
  2. PAC News

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Gordon Gazette

September 09 2016, Newsletter #01

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Calendar Reminders


Monday Sept. 19 Meet the Teacher (5:00-6:00pm)
Thursday Sept. 29 Terry Fox Run
Friday Sept. 30 Professional Day


School News


Welcome back to all of our families, staff and community. It was great to see so many families at our informal open house. We are very proud of our new school and will be learning how to be together in the new space. We will be having a “Meet the Teacher Night” on Monday, September 19 from 5:00-6:00pm.


Gordon School has been focusing on “Self-Assessment” and “Aboriginal Culture”

Self Assessment: to provide opportunities for students to become proficient in the skills and strategies required to self-assess and self-evaluate which will support competent, confident and consistent independent learning.


Aboriginal Culture: to work on increasing our knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal histories, cultures and contributions among all students.

This year we are adding a focus on the “Power of Words” and looking at how we treat each other and ourselves.

Our Code of Conduct reflects how the Gordon community is caring, respectful and safe. Choose to be Kind! Choose to be Safe! Choose to be Fair!

We would like to welcome the following new staff to our school: Meghan Doyle (Kindergarten), Krista Herrmann (Kindergarten), Saulina Wong (student support worker), Annie Pooley (extra clerical), Robert Dimaulo (Engineer).


Thank you to everyone for their feedback regarding your children and classes. Teachers spend a long time with thoughtful input and care to place your children. We will try to accommodate all your wishes but cannot guarantee them. Know that we will do the best to place all children in a positive learning environment with their peers. We are full in all of our classrooms except for Kindergarten so are not able to make any changes.



The Gordon School Calendar is on the website at www.gordonelementary.ca and shows all the holidays, professional days, district closure days and goal-setting dates. If you would like a hard copy please get one from the office.


  • Administration: At General Gordon there has always been an open door policy where students and parents are able to come and speak to the administration when they have concerns about their child’s education. We found last year that with our schedules being so busy either at meetings; teaching or working with students it was difficult for parents to know when we are available.

It is best if you would like to communicate with Margaret Davidson please forward an email and she will get back to you and let you know her schedule. mdavidson@vsb.bc.ca

  • Teaching Staff: Please be respectful when setting up meetings to talk to the teachers about your child’s learning. Right at the beginning of class is not the best time as teachers are prepping for the day and need that time to organize their lessons. Please speak to the teacher at the end of the day to make a convenient time for both of you. We thank you for your consideration towards and respect of our amazing staff at General Gordon.
  • Newsletters/Information Bulletins/Website Regular communication is one important way that parents can be well-informed about what goes on at school. Please expect two newsletters a month that will be posted on our website www.gordonelementary.ca. Information sheets on field trips etc. will be sent home via paper. We are working on trying to be green so we will not be sending home paper newsletters.



Student agendas are another very useful communication and teaching tool. The cost of the agenda for the Grades 1-7 students is $10.00.



Catherine MacIntyre, our music specialist has taken the time to research and book some exciting performances to show our children and school community this year. These performances are costly and in order to maintain the variety of experiences and number of performances we are asking for $15.00 from each student. Parents and younger siblings are encouraged also to come and watch the performances. Catherine will sometimes book performances appropriate for all grades (odd and even divisions can watch) or performances that are appropriate for primary or intermediate. The school and the PAC will also be providing funds for some performances. These performances will be described in the upcoming newsletters. She will book five performances and then our PAC sponsors two extra performances so that our students benefit from numerous enriching experiences. We welcome families to come and join us for these performances and times will be posted in the upcoming newsletters.



Please send a cheque or money with your child to pay for school supplies. These supplies include pencils, pens, glue sticks, exercise books, duotangs, and art supplies that are shared in the classroom. Students in Grades K-7 need to pay $25.00. Please send the money by Thursday, September 29th. Please be reminded that students will not be denied supplies or an opportunity to participate in school activities if paying fees is a hardship. Please speak to Ms. Davidson if this is a concern.



If it is easier to write one cheque please enclose the following by Thursday, September 29. Please send payment individually with each child as it is easier to process in the office


Thank you.

Intermediate Grade 1-7 $50.00
Kindergarten $40.00


New Equipment to be installed week of Sept 12 – 16, 2016. Some areas of the playground will be roped off and be unavailable for the children to play.


Safe Arrival:

If your child is away sick or will be late please phone 604-713-5403 and press #2. We will advise your child’s teacher directly of the absences. If you would like to help phone parents in the morning from 9-10am for the valuable program please email PAC at gordonpac@ymail.com

Terry Fox Run:

We are looking for volunteers on Thursday, Sept. 29 from 2-3pm for the Terry Fox Run. Please email gordonpac@ymail.com if you are interested and able to help with this fun event.