2014 10 10 Issue #02

This the second bi-weekly newsletter of the year!


  1. The Gordon Gazette (A message from the Principal Margaret Davidson)
  2. Message from PAC the Parent Advisory Council

Don't forget PAC Fundraising

Gordon Gazette

2014 October 10, Newsletter #02

Calendar Reminders

Monday Oct. 14 Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday Oct. 15 Professional Day
Friday Oct. 17 Coffee Morning (see PAC News)
Monday Oct. 27 PAC Meeting


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The following are some of the programs our community team will be running from after Thanksgiving to the Christmas holidays. There will be sign up forms to register your children in the office on Friday.

  • Outdoor Education (in Pacific Spirit Park) - grades 5-7
  • Container gardening workshops - grades 4-7
  • Multi-sports - grades 4-7
  • Film Making (script writing and filming) - grades 4-7
  • Art (3 categories)
    • Kids Crafts (arts and crafts) - grades 2/3
    • Art a la Carte (make a Vancouver Art Book) - grades 4/5
    • Get Graphic (make your own graphic novel) - grades 6/7
  • There will also be a Girls Soccer Leadership Program. The objective of the program is to give girls the opportunity to create their own League/Championship and to be active participants in playing leadership roles-such as coach, referee, administrators, promoters, field crew and media.



Gordon runners did a fantastic job on Thursday at Queen Elizabeth. The sun was shining and our students received many ribbons. Thank you to Miles Patrick and Kim Hargrave who help to coach your children. Also thank you to all the parents and siblings who came out to watch and cheer our students on. The next meet is on Wednesday, October 15 at Jericho Park West (1515 Discovery). See you all there!


Thank you to all the parents who are emailing and phoning to let us know both at the annex and the main school if their child is taking the bus or not. That really helps us at both sites to ensure the safety of all of our students.

  • Just a reminder that cars are not allowed to park – even if the driver stays in the car on Bayswater in the bus zone, even south of the driveway. This is a huge safety issue for all of our children. Also you can be ticketed there.
  • Annex Bus Times- The morning annex bus will now leave at 8:35am.


PAC News – October 10, 2014

  • STAY IN TOUCH with what’s going on at school by checking the website regularly: www.gordonelementary.ca Make it your home page ☺ All information is updated frequently by a parent volunteer.
  • PAC MEETINGS - 30 parents attended the meeting at Bayview on Sept 29. Minutes are posted on the website for those who cannot attend. Next meeting: Monday, Oct 27, Bayview School Library, 7 pm
  • DIRECT DRIVE - Our biggest annual fundraiser is happening Oct 15 – Nov 15. PAC contributes an average of $ 15,000 every year to the school. Part of our mandate is to enrich the children’s education by providing extra equipment and supplies, and supporting author visits and performances, for example. This is only possible with your help and your generosity. We appreciate all families helping as they are able: every donation makes a difference. Donations can be made on the website, in person or by mail. Further details will be coming home on October 15th. Click here: Gordon Direct Drive Donation
  • PARENT COFFEE MORNING #1 – Mark your calendars! Friday October 17 will be our first parent coffee morning at the Bus Stop at 6th and Bayswater, from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Come and meet or reconnect with other Gordon parents. Coffee and baked goods will be provided. Please remember to bring your own mug if possible. If you would like to help with these coffee mornings (once a month), please email Jane or Karen at gordonpac@ymail.com.
    • Also please note: we are focusing on the parent community, and will not be able to provide goodies for the students. Please feed them breakfast at home!
  • VOLUNTEER – PAC runs best when lots of folks help out as much as they are able. If you have some time in your schedule, or know that you can help out with a specific activity, such as Christmas decorations, Sports Day, or coffee mornings, please consider signing up to help. Class parent reps are also needed for each division. You can email gordonpac@ymail.com if you have questions, or click here: Volunteering with Gordon PAC

    The volunteer coordinator will contact you ahead of the activity.