School-Based Learning Support for Students

Support Staff

As well as the classroom teachers, General Gordon has the following support staff. Their work schedules vary, and some staff is shared with other schools. Should you have any concerns or questions, please make an appointment to meet with them through the office assistant or leave a note in their respective box in the school office.

West 2 Community School Team:

Our West 2 Community School Team consists of a Team Coordinator, Youth and Family Worker, Teacher and Programmer. The team works with many of our VSB schools and provides an important link from the school to the community. Our Community School Team offers a variety of programming opportunities. !

School Based Team

The School Based Team (SBT) reviews the situation of children who may require extra support and additional programs to enhance their school experience in any aspect of life: academic, emotional, health, etc. The purpose of these team meetings is to share knowledge about children with special needs; to access Provincial, District, and Community support as needed; to assess and evaluate student progress; to assist with designing strategies to meet the special needs; and to document the needs and support provided for the student. Referrals to SBT are made through any of the team members in consultation with the classroom teacher.
The SBT evaluates the particular needs of a student and comes up with a plan of action to meet these needs. The plan may include parent meetings to discuss the student’s progress, further assessment to determine strengths and areas needing improvement, art therapy, program referrals, etc. If all of the school-based supports available have been offered over a consistent period of time and a student continues to have learning difficulties, then a request for a formal assessment of the student’s learning potential and performance (a psycho-educational assessment) may be requested. This request for assessment usually involves a VSB psychologist and speech and language pathologist.
The regular SBT includes the Principal/Vice-Principal, resource teachers, the school counsellor, and the referring classroom teacher. Other specialists may also be present depending on the needs and relationship to the student being discussed.

Area Counsellor

Gordon provides the services of a school counsellor two days each week. The counsellor works with the students, parents and teachers and provides a liaison between the school and district services. Students are most often referred by their classroom teacher. Parents may request an appointment with the counsellor by phoning the school at 604-713-5403. The area counsellor is available to help children, parents, teachers problem solve and deal with issues related to emotional, behavioural and social skills. If you notice your child is worried or upset please contact your teacher, the counsellor or administrator.

Resource Teachers

A small group of non-enrolling teachers supports students and teachers from Kindergarten through Grade 7, and addresses skills such as fine motor development, language development, reading and writing, spelling, mathematics and study habits. The time allotted to each small group of children depends on their needs. The service is delivered either in the classroom or in the Resource Centres.

School Psychologist and Speech and Language Pathologist

The psychologist’s and speech and language pathologist’s time are divided amongst many VSB schools. Students are referred to and prioritized by the School Based Team. Parents are fully informed of the consultation, assessment, and report procedures.

Library Resource Centre

Our library houses a collection of learning resources. It includes fiction, non-fiction, print and non-print. These resources support the school curriculum and the collection is bilingual. Using the centre’s multiple resources, the classroom teacher and teacher librarian plan together to develop learner-focused curriculum that considers individual student interest, abilities and learning styles.
The library is staffed by a teacher librarian, parent volunteers and student monitors. (We are always looking for parent volunteers to help with a variety of tasks –shelving books, processing new books, etc.) Class visits to the library are planned cooperatively by the teacher librarian and individual classroom teacher. Each class has the opportunity to visit the library to develop research skills and to help nurture the love of reading.
On top of our book collection, the library has computers and iPad minis for information access. The library also has a SmartBoard. Books and other library materials may be borrowed for a two-week period. Please help us by ensuring that children return books on time.