PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

Gordon has a very active, inclusive and involved parent group, which works closely with the school staff and principal. The Parent Advisory Council takes an active interest in the classroom life of the school and affairs of the district as a whole. PAC is a strong advocate for a quality school.

PAC email:

PAC’s functions include:

  • helping parents navigate school issues,
  • facilitating communication between the parents and staff or with outside organizations,
  • organizing school events and fund raising functions,
  • contributing funding (to supplement that provided by the School Board) to allow for as rounded education program as possible for our children.

We communicate through our PAC meetings, our website, the school newsletter, the bulletin board near the school office and through talking in the playground.

Every parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the school is automatically a member of the PAC and can vote on issues that come up. The PAC has an elected executive and numerous committees, who report to the rest of the parents.

PAC meetings are held the last Monday of every other month 7:00-8:30pm in the school library. The schedule of meetings is on the PAC page of this website.

Why attend a PAC meeting?

  • To find out what is going on in your child's school and to have some input.
  • To socialize with other parents and staff.
  • To feel connected to the school as a whole, not just to your child's class.
  • To help enhance your child's educational experience.

If you are a parent or guardian of a Gordon student who cannot or prefers not to attend PAC meetings, there are other ways of getting involved: you may sign up to volunteer for various school events or you may talk to parents you know that are already involved in PAC activities.

PAC maintains the school website

Our email:

PAC Constitution