PAC Minutes Feb 2015

P.A.C. Meeting 5 Minutes, Feb 23rd 2015
1. Welcome from P.A.C. Co-Chairs

  • The meeting started at 19:12
  • Jane and Karen welcomed everyone. Attendance: 11 parents, 3 administrators/teachers (Margaret, Nancy, Graeme), and district principal Chris Atkinson.

  • The minutes of the Jan 26th PAC meeting were adopted.

2. Principal Update - Margaret

  • Student behaviour on buses has deteriorated. A contract is to be sent home for students and parents to sign. Students will lose the privilege of riding the buses if they don’t follow the contract. VSB trustee Christopher Richardson has ridden the buses to see how they are working.
  • A Citizenship Judge visited the school, and talked about Canada, citizenship, how lucky we are, the creation of Canada, and adoption of the Maple Leaf flag.
  • We have limited supervision aide coverage, which is particularly an issue at lunchtime when the students are in many different classrooms. Let Margaret know of any specific concerns. Margaret will continue discussing lunch rooms with Magdalena.
  • The Ministry’s new School Curriculum is in development and there will be more news at the next PAC meeting. The issue of content moving between grades was discussed. This is still fluid at present. Roll out will take a long time.
  • General items - Body science is starting after spring break. There is to be a talk to grade seven about anxiety, which may be given to grade six too if it goes well. New media is an issue. Grade six can be affected by anxiety particularly because of the new intake for French Immersion.

3. Seismic Update – Chris Atkinson

  • Chris presented the exterior views and interior plans of the new school building.
  • Project is still on schedule for Fall 2016 occupancy - The demolition is finished, and was under budget. The next phase is excavation, which will start soon. The development permit is awaiting agreement between the City and VSB on paving the lanes around 7th Ave. Tenders are due back March 4th, the concrete and steel tenders being the biggest. Karen asked if we can provide input when limited choices present themselves for funding, and Chris said we can. Margaret asked when we can hold a groundbreaking ceremony. Chris said an official ceremony might be delayed to allow various dignitaries to come, but we could have our own ceremony.
  • Budgets and Portable maintenance - Gas pipes were replaced where necessary, and will be painted in warmer weather. Water bottle taps are still to be installed, but hot water is now available in the staffroom.
  • Road signage - Signs are up at the old Gordon site and seem okay. The 16th Ave bus stop is a bit short. At the Annex, there are issues with visibility to be sorted out. Sheila asked if we could have a garbage can at old Gordon, and Chris said yes.
  • Parents thanked Chris for attending PAC meetings and providing the update.

4. Playground Fundraising

  • We still need one or more coordinators for Playground Committee.
  • The Parent Social on Feb 12th raised over $700 with tickets, raffle and donations, half of it from the raffle.
  • Upcoming activities:

    • Brick sale - Waiting for date of groundbreaking ceremony. It should be a Friday to allow David Eby to come.
    • Sun Run April 19th - Lots of spaces are left. It was asked if we can encourage through classes, to excite kids to sign up? It is good practice for track and field later.
    • Bike ‘a’ thon - At QE in May to replace the Spring Fling. Jane, Ingrid and others met to discuss, and decided to go ahead. Pledges will be made online. The activity will be focussed: just snow cones (fruit concentrate), popcorn, and no
      barbecue. The location was discussed: possibly the Annex. Sunday May 24th? 1-4pm. It was suggested that the Tim Hortons cruiser could come.
    • Other fundraising ideas
      • A kindergarten dad (a film maker) suggested making a YouTube short film to advertise for playground funds. Needs a coordinator.
      • The following fundraisers were successful in Australia – suggested by Janine - but need organizers.
      1. Father’s Day breakfast – Group of dads cook bacon, sausage and eggs on BBQ. Pre-ordered two weeks before.
      2. Local businesses advertise in online school newsletter (camps, ProD activities etc).

5. PAC Activities

  • MLA David Eby likes the commemorative brick proposal and Coffee mornings. He has requested 300 words to read at a parliamentary session, to recognize Gordon PAC for the extraordinary efforts being made to hold the community together.
  • Hot Lunches have kicked off at QE. Order online. Denise said there were 30 signups and the first week went well, the second week not so well due to teething troubles.
  • QEA PAC Liaison update – Erin
  • Sat Feb 28th 1-4pm Garden building at Annex – Parent volunteers are wanted.
  • DPAC encourages engagement on education budget issues.
  • The next Coffee morning is Feb 27th.
  • Cash Cards provide PAC with a rebate on face value. Cobs should be joining soon. Contact Sheila Kirkby at sheilakirkb[at]
  • Discussion on separating the PAC newsletter from the school newsletter is deferred until next school year.
  • School calendars were discussed. Frank to discuss online options with Bruce.

6. Motions & Votes

  • Vote - Motion was raised at the January PAC meeting to disperse $200 per class to teachers (receipts for class equipment to be provided), 18 x $200 = $3.6k. Vote: All in favour (quorum of eight was achieved).
  • The meeting ended at 20:40.