Recess Lunch Absentee Etc


Students are asked to dress appropriately for the weather conditions of the day as they will be outside and will play outdoors during lunch and recess. We also recommend that all students leave a change of clothes at school.
There will be no inside rainy days or games.


All children are expected to remain on the school grounds for lunch. Children must be accompanied by a parent or authorized adult if they wish to leave the school grounds.

At the Main school:

  • lunch is between 11:35 and 12:25
  • There are two supervision aides who supervise during lunch time

    At the Annex site:

  • lunch is between 12:10 and 13:00
  • There are two supervision aides who supervise during lunch time

    Supervision Before and After School

    General supervision is provided each school morning from the arrival of the first bus until the first bell, both at Gordon Main site and Gordon at the Annex. Please do not drop children off before this time unless they are attending a team practice or prior arrangements have been made the the classroom teacher.
    After school, playground supervision is provided until the last bus departs at 15:25. After this time, children should be home or supervised by a parent or guardian unless attending JKC or a school-sponsored activity.
    Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep our students safe.

    Student Pick-Up

    If there is a change in routine – for example, a visiting aunt is to pick up a grade 1 student after school please send a note or speak with the classroom teacher.

    Absenteeism/ Lateness

    If your child is absent from school or late coming to school please call the school at 604-713-5403.

    Student Sign-out

    It is essential that any child arriving at school after 9:00 am check in at the office before going to class. Parents need to sign out their child (at the office) if leaving during school hours.

    Traffic Safety

    Parents of Gordon at Queen Elizabeth Main school are asked to drop-off and pick-up students on West 16th Avenue, NOT Camosun Street

    Wheels: Bicycles / Skateboards / Inline Skates / Scooters

    We ask that students walk their bicycles on and off the school grounds at both sites. If skateboards, in-line skates or scooters are brought to school, they are not to be used on the grounds, in the portable city or at lunch during school hours. Students may use these on the school grounds after school.

    School Supplies

    Each family is required to pay a supply fee per child. The fee covers most basic consumable school supplies. More information will be posted in the September newsletter. If you are unable to cover these costs please contact the principal.