School Safety

Traffic Safety

Please note the “NO STOPPING” signs directly in front of the school. Parents are asked to drop students off in the non-congested area near the school.

Several “near miss” accidents have occurred on Bayswater/6th Avenue and on 7th Avenue by the East fence of the school. Please encourage your children to exercise extreme caution when crossing these or any streets on their way to and from school.

Bicycles / Skateboards / Inline Skates / Scooters

Please lock bikes up at the bike rack on the north (6th Avenue) and west (Bayswater) side of the school only. Other areas of the school are out of view and bikes can be more easily damaged or stolen. Students must walk their bicycles on and off the school grounds. If skateboards, in-line skates or scooters are brought to school, they are not to be used on the grounds, in the hallways or at lunch. These items should be stored in lockers for the day. Also, scooters should be folded before entering the building and remain so until the student has left the grounds after school. Students may use these on the school grounds only after 3:35 p.m. each day.

Health and Safety

The school has an active Health and Safety Committee that conducts periodic audits of the school buildings and grounds. Please let the Office know if you see any unsafe conditions.

Police Liaison Program

In conjunction with the Vancouver Police Department, we are able to have a liaison officer who visits our school. In past years, the officer has conducted classroom programs which stress safety, awareness, responsibility and respect for community laws and standards. The program aims to teach children that police officers are their friends and are there to help them. Our School Liaison Officer (SLO) is headquartered at Kitsilano Secondary School.

Safety Policies - Critical Response Team

In case of a crisis event occurring which impacts the entire school, the school Emergency Response Team, in compliance with the WCB safety plan, will be convened. It is the role of this team, in consultation with the district team, to evaluate the needs of the school community and plan a strategic response aimed at meeting the needs of all affected in an effective manner.

Emergency Disaster Plan

The school has detailed emergency disaster plans outlining the procedures to deal with fire, bomb threats, intruders, earthquakes and dangerous goods incidents. It outlines the emergency and/or evacuation procedures, first aid procedures, the identification of assembling areas and guidance concerning communication with the media. The plan also details attendance-taking procedures, student care, releasing students and the need to remain in class groups.

Fire Alarm Procedure

The school has a clearly stated procedure for fire alarms and drills. These include posting up-to-date class lists in emergency backpacks hung beside each teacher's door. Teachers have daily plans for Employees on Call (EOC's) that include the location of their emergency exits and class lists. These include information about accommodating students who will need assistance before leaving the building.