Health and Medical

Emergency Contact Information

This information is very important so that you can be reached if an emergency happens. It must be kept up-to-date. Please provided home and work numbers so you can be reached during school hours. If giving a cellular number, make sure that the phone is turned on during the day. Please provide the name and phone number of another adult in case the parent cannot be reached. Let the school know of any changes in phone numbers and addresses.

Community Health Nurse

The Community Health Nurse is available as a consultant to school staff, parents, student, and community groups. The nurse is responsible for health consultation, communicable disease control, health education, and promoting a healthy school and home environment. We are pleased to have Tory McCuish and/or Aimee Lee as our school nurses. They can be reached through Coastal Health Centre at 604-267-2626.

Serious Health Conditions

Let the school know of any health condition that may need emergency care during school hours. Please encourage your child to wear a medical alert bracelet. Please let the school office know if your child’s health condition changes during the school year.

Medicine Given During School Hours

If it is necessary for school staff to administer medication to your child, please:

  1. Contact the office.
  2. Obtain a “Request to Administer Medication” form and provide a written order from your physician which will be placed on file.
  3. Provide the appropriate medication.
    This service is offered to those students on long-term, daily medication. Staff cannot give your child medicine without a completed form.

Student Illness and Accidents

First aid for minor cuts and scrapes, bumps, nosebleeds, etc. will be carried out by a member of the office or teaching staff.
If a student is conscious and requires medical attention, e.g. broken bones, severe cuts, etc. the calls will be made in the following order:

  • PARENT will be contacted.
  • TRANSPORTATION will be arranged by parent, staff or person designated by parents.

If a student is unconscious or seriously injured, telephone calls will be made in the following order:

  • The pupil’s PARENT or designated adult

If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, parents will be contacted to come to the school to pick up their child. A staff member will determine whether or not the parent should be contacted. Students will not be given permission to go home if the parent or designated adult has not been contacted.
Although the school’s medical room can be used for a student who apparently need only rest for a brief period, we do not have facilities to take care of sick children throughout the day. Parents are asked to consider the situation carefully before sending a child who has been ill to school, particularly if there is some chance that the parents may not be able to be contacted during the day or that the sickness may be passed onto other students.

Health and Safety

The school has an active Health and Safety Committee that conducts periodic audits of the school buildings and grounds. Please let administration know if you see any unsafe conditions.

Police Liaison Program

In conjunction with the Vancouver Police Department, we are able to have a liaison officer who visits our school.
The program aims to teach children that police officers are their friends and are there to help them. Our School Liaison Officer (SLO) is headquartered at Kitsilano Secondary School. !

Safety Policies- Critical Response Team

In case of a crisis event occurring which impacts the entire school the school Emergency Response Team in compliance with the WCB safety plan will be convened. It is the role of this team, in consultation with the district team, to evaluate the needs of the school community and plan a strategic response aimed at meeting the needs of all affected in an effective manner.

Emergency Disaster Plan

The school has detailed emergency disaster plans outlining the procedures to deal with fire, bomb threats, intruders, earthquakes, and dangerous goods incidents. It outlines the emergency and/or evacuation procedures, first aid procedures, the identification of assembling areas, and guidance concerning communication with the media. The plan also details attendance-taking procedures, student care, releasing students, and the need to remain in class groups.

Fire Alarm Procedure

The school has a clearly stated procedure for fire alarms and drills. These include posting up-to-date class lists in emergency backpacks hung beside each teacher’s door. Teachers have daily plans for Employees on Call (EOC’s) that include the location of their emergency exits and class lists. These include information about accommodating students who will need assistance before leaving the building.

Field Trips

Field trips are a means of enhancing programs offered in the classroom. Prior to any field trip, parents are notified in writing with the details of the planned trip. Before students are permitted to take part in a field trip, they must have written consent from the parent or guardian. The field trip form to parents outlining the field trip, where, when, how and why, to obtain parent consent, is signed by an administrator, and a copy given to the office. Parent volunteer drivers are also requested to fill out a “Volunteer Driver Registration and Approval” form at the Office for insurance purposes.
Parents are generally asked to subsidize field trip expenses; however, VSB policy ensures that no student will miss the opportunity to take part in a field trip for financial reasons. Families who may need a subsidy are asked to contact the Principal.

Parent Volunteers

General Gordon is very fortunate to have a wonderful parent community who participates in field trips or school events. Please remember to sign in at the office when you are coming to our school to participate in a classroom activity. In the event of a disaster we need to know how many people were present in the school at the time of the disaster.

Lost and Found

Lots of clothing, backpacks, lunch kits, etc. are found around the school. These items are placed by the school lost and found box by the office. At the end of each term, unclaimed items are donated to charity. We recommend that all articles be well-labeled with your child’s name.