PIE (Partners for Inclusive Education)

Partners for Inclusive Education (P.I.E.)

Co-Chairs: Denise Edwards and Erika Cedillo

PIE is a group from General Gordon Elementary that offers an opportunity to share ideas, learn, grow, and show support for each person in our school community with open collaboration and communication on topics related to inclusive education.

We believe that every person, regardless of their challenges, is important, participates, and contributes something unique and valuable to our community.

Join us for pie and refreshments and to continue our journey in learning, sharing, and developing support for everyone in our community. We have an event every month, we alternate between Meetings and ‘Share and Support’ Coffees.

Meetings are from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at General Gordon’s Library. We set a topic of interest for our members and we create a space to learn together and exchange ideas. Sometimes we have guest speakers.

S&S Coffees are from 9:15 am to 11:00 at a coffee place. These are a friendly informal get together to share ideas and support one another in our journeys. We can share, problem-solve together, or just have coffee and breathe.

Everyone is welcome to attend any of our events and join the conversation. To receive the reminders and updates, you can join our e-mailing list by sending a message to:


We also have a Facebook group, to add you to the group please send us a message and we will send you an invitation.

PIE DATES 2017-18

September: Meeting, Thursday 21st at 7pm

October: Coffee, Wednesday 25th after drop off

November: Meeting, Monday 20th at 7pm

December: Coffee, Tuesday 5th after drop off

January: Meeting Thursday 18th at 7pm

February: Meeting Thursday 8th at 7pm

March: Coffee Wednesday 7th after drop off

April: Meeting, Thursday 19th at 7pm

May: Coffee, Tuesday 8th after drop off

June: Meeting Monday 11th at 7pm