6/7 Late French Immersion Program

Gordon School is fortunate to have one of the two District Late Immersion Programs. Each year there is an intake of grade 6 students to the program arriving from all Vancouver Schools west of Main Street. There are approximately 120 students enrolled in LFI grade 6 and 7). Students completing the program have developed a functional knowledge of French, with most moving on to the French Immersion program at Kitsilano Secondary School. Information meetings for registering in the Grade 6 Late French Immersion Program are held in November and information is put into school newsletters and circulated through the VSB website and various newspapers. The maximum intake number for Grade 6 LFI is 60. If more than 60 applications are received, a draw for placement

French as a Second Language (FSL)

French as a second language is currently taught to Grades 5 to 7 students. The emphasis of the program is to provide opportunities for the learner to develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, to learn basic French and to gain confidence in his or her own abilities as a learner and as a user of the French language.


Clubs, sponsored by staff members, meet during lunch time one to three times a week. They may include activities such as drama, fine arts, library and other service monitors, chess, skipping, and peer helpers. (We are always looking for parent volunteers to help with a variety of clubs at lunch as well as before/after school.)

Student Council

Each class selects one or two class representatives. Student Council meets monthly to discuss and plan social events for students and deal with student issues and requests that are raised in classes and brought to the council by the class representative/s. The student council is sponsored by a staff member.

PA Announcers

This service club consists of intermediate students who are interested in reading the daily announcements over the PA system at the beginning of the day.

Buddy Programs

Teachers get together in buddy classes having intermediate students working with their primary student buddies. Some of the activities that are shared are reading, art, dance, and drama.

Inter-School Games

Students may have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of sports throughout the year, depending upon teacher sponsors and coaches available. The VSB District Inter-School sports schedule is as follows:

Cross Country Running September/October Students in K-7 are welcome to train and compete
Soccer September/October. Students in Grades 6-7 eligible
Volley bal October/Early December Students in Grades 6-7 eligible
Basketball December/March Students in Grades 6-7 eligible
Track and Field May Students in Grades 4-7 eligible

N.B. Not all sports are offered each year